Our story

Cowboy Compost, LLC was created by two resident leaders in Fort Worth: Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s Music Director, Miguel Harth-Bedoya, and small business owner and entrepreneur, Johanna Calderón.  As global citizens who have seen the effects of waste management programs across the globe, they have dedicated their passion, talents and resources to raising awareness about waste issues and its impact on the environment, and to developing convenient, high-quality food waste disposal alternatives in their local community, and thus diverting significant quantities of waste from the landfill.

The mission of Cowboy Compost is to raise awareness in the Greater Fort Worth area about current organic waste challenges, and to provide residential and commercial composting services previously unavailable in Fort Worth. Cowboy Compost makes the composting and disposal process simple for households, businesses, and organizations, by providing information, equipment and products, instructions, and regular food waste pick-up.

Cowboy Compost is committed to developing route density, providing five-star customer service at affordable prices, and ensuring quality control so that collected food waste is free of contaminants prior to delivering to local professional composting facilities, so that this organic waste will help create nutrient-rich soil.