Why Compost?

Did you know that 25% to 30% of what goes into our local landfills is food?* Our goal is to change that.

By working with Cowboy Compost, you are diverting food scraps and other compostable items away from the landfill and returning them to the soil through effective composting. Together we can reduce the need for additional landfills, build healthier soil and ecosystems, and create a positive change in our environment and community.

*from City of Fort Worth 2017-2037 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan, published June 2017

Composting is a natural recycling process.

What is compost?

Composting is the process of breaking down organic matter into simpler organic and inorganic compounds, like a natural recycling process. When organic wastes such as food scraps are put into a properly maintained composting process, the result is a nutrient-rich, soil-like mixture called compost.

Compost can be added to the soil in gardens, yards, or anywhere! When compost is added to the soil, it does fantastic things. It improves soil structure, helps increase nutrient and moisture retention, traps carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses, and encourages healthier plant growth.  But don’t just take our word for it – take a look at what the US Composting Council has to say here.   

How can I get some?

Cowboy Compost not only helps turn your food scraps into compost, but we also return high-quality bagged compost to our composting partners. You can order compost for delivery to your address (limited to addresses within our service area only) through OUR PRODUCTS page.

Finished Compost from Cowboy Compost
Cowboy Compost provides high-quality finished compost made in Fort Worth from local food scraps.

Want to learn more about commercial composting? Visit our page about it here: Our Composting Process.