Cowboy Compost provides composting and recycling service for gatherings of all sizes.

Weddings, baseball games, birthday parties, concerts, etc… You name it and we’ll work to find the right strategy to make your event zero-waste!

“The bin was a huge success and

the owner of the venue loved the idea.

Thank you so much, I was so glad to be able

to tell people about what you do.”

Taylor, in Fort Worth, TX

How it works:

  • Fill out our Events Questionnaire or contact us at least one full week ahead of your event—the earlier the better—with your event location, time and date, and about how many guests will be attending. Please let us know if you would like compostable tableware for your event, which can also be found on OUR PRODUCTS page.
  • Before your event, we drop off collection bins for food scraps, compostable items, and recycling, as well as any compostable materials you need, at your location. For larger events, we can offer staffing help to set up bins and monitor them during your event.
  • Once the event is done, we pick up your bins and take them to be sorted, composted and/or recycled. If requested, we’ll send you a summary of how much we collected and what contamination issues, if any, we observed in the bins.

To make your next event zero-waste, tell us a little about it in our questionnaire below:

Still have questions or not quite sure? Email us at