Well, more than you might expect!

Composting Guide

We CAN accept the following in our green compost bins:

  • ALL Food Items
    • Raw or cooked meats, bones
    • Dairy
    • Raw or cooked fruits and vegetables
    • Pasta, bread, grains
    • Small quantities of oil/grease
      • Less than 1 cup per bin. Larger amounts can be recycled here for all Fort Worth residents.
    • Small quantities of liquids
      • Less than 1 cup per bin. Larger quantities can go down the sink.
    • Spices, shells, peels, pits, and rinds
  • Non-Coated Paper Products
    • Paper napkins and towels
      • NO body fluids (blood, etc.) or cleaning chemicals (bleach, biodegradable soap, etc.)
    • Dull-colored paper plates
      • NO shiny paper plates, to-go containers or milk cartons unless specifically labelled as “compostable”—these usually contain a non-compostable plastic coating
    • Grease-soaked, dull-colored paper or cardboard, including pizza boxes and parchment paper
    • Shredded paper
    • Paper condiment/sugar packets
  • Certified Compostable Products
    • Any items marked with the BPI logo, as shown below, or clearly labeled as “Compostable.” Including products from BioBag, EcoSafe, NaturBag, etc.
BPI Compostable Logo
“Compostable” label must be clearly visible!
  • Extras
    • Flowers, leaves, and other decorative plants
    • Wooden sticks (chopsticks, wooden utensils, stir sticks)
    • Dryer lint
    • Cotton balls, cooking twine, or cheesecloth made with 100% cotton
    • Hair
    • Wine Corks (make sure they are wood, not plastic, by breaking them apart)

We CANNOT accept the following in our green bins:

Most non-compostable items like plastic, metal, Styrofoam, and glass are pretty obvious.

Here are some tougher items that do NOT go into our bins and typically must go into the trash.

X Milk/Ice Cream Cartons X

(may be recycled if clean and dry, contact your local recycling provider for details)

X Items with bodily fluids or cleaning chemicals X

X Butter Wrappers X

X Popcorn Bags X

X Clothing X

(may be recycled even if un-wearable, contact your local clothing donation center for details)

X Gum X

X Candle Wax X

X Rubber Bands X

X Pet or human waste X

(we can accept cow/horse manure on special circumstances, but never diapers, kitty litter, dog poop, etc.)

X Items labeled as “biodegradable” X

(“biodegradable” is not the same as “compostable”)

If you are ever in doubt about an item, please contact Cowboy Compost before placing it in your bin. We take pride in the health of our employees and our compost piles. Thank you!